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Beauty/Product Trainings (Category 4)
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a. Beauty Training
Knowledge and skill when it comes to beauty are essential in building a lucrative SOPHIE PARIS business. The Beauty Training session consists of a talk on the various cosmetics, personal and skincare lines, explaining their content, usage and function. This is subsequently followed by a hands-on application by the participants where our Beauty Supervisor explains the step by step process on how one can effectively look their best using SOPHIE PARIS cosmetics. The purpose of this program is to develop a deep appreciation of the beauty products, to learn their effects through first-hand experience and to feel how SOPHIE products can help one look and feel good, thereby turning Members into users.

b. Product Training
The Product Training is set up to help Members learn about the SOPHIE product categories. Who are the products aimed at and who are the designers behind them? Attendees will learn more about where the products are made, of what materials and so on.

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